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When It Comes To
Customer Satisfaction,
Design Matters.

Led by Brian Grebow, BG Communications is a full-service graphic design studio based in St. Thomas, Ontario. Brian brings a craftsman’s approach to oversee your project, By combining his in-depth typographical knowledge with more than 20 years of expertise in document design and production, your reader is engaged.

You’ll notice that our Web URL is “We Are Your Type.” Beyond the outstanding design and production services we provide, we also deliver a refreshing approach to working with you. We view our relationship with you as a compassionate collaboration that blends our knowledge, insight, and expertise with yours to create the best possible solution.

As a one-source, multi-faceted partner, you benefit  by having fewer points of contact, faster speed to solution, economies of scale, our full engagement in your solution, and a thorough investment in your success.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, design matters.