Beyond the cover

Inside a book, many elements must be harmonized to create the perfect page—a design that enhances the text's readability and accessibillity:

  • the size of the formatted text area balanced with the size of the page
  • where and how footers or headers are used
  • where and how page numbers are treated
  • how front matter (e.g., title pages, table of contents, dedications, and so on) is handled
  • how back matter  (e.g., indexes, appendices) is designed
  • hierachical styles for heads and subheads
  • how the start of a new chapter is indicated
  • images (e.g., charts, graphs, photos, screen shots)
  • the use of type throughout to highlight the book's various elements
    • legibility
    • relationships
    • differentiation of special features (e.g., sidebars, captions, pull quotes)

Each plays a part in making the book a satisfying package.

The sample designs shown here were created for a wide range of projects, from art/coffee-table books to short-story collections to instructional texts.

Click on the thumbnails to see each page.

Panes of Glory was one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects. Besides being a challenge to design and create reader friendly pages, it was a joy to work with the author, Fr. Michael Prieur.

At the end of February, 2011, Salt + Light TV (a Catholic TV network in Canada) create a four-part TV miniseries, Panes of Glory: The Windows of St. Peter's Seminary about the same stained-glass windows in the chapel of the seminary. The TV series was completed and in May 2011 and aired in late spring in association with the beattitude of Pope John Paul and based on the book. By the way, a copy of this book was given to the Pope himself. For its work, Salt + Light will be presented with a Gabriel Award for Best Television Documentary during the International Convention of the Catholic Press Association in Indianapolis on June 21.

Take a look also for the book, Holy Ground, by the same author listed below. To quote Fr. Prieur, it is not a good book, it is a BEAUTIFUL book. Another joyful creative experience.

Stained glass windows often suggest more than the obvious religious conotations. Panes of Consolation, the second book on this subject by Fr. Michael Prieur, takes an spiritual, colourful, and thoughtful look at the subject. Here are just a few of the images from the book recently sponsored by St. Joseph's Healthcare.