Here are samples of the reports that we have helped create. Whether we created the overall concept, worked as part of the  of design team, or the sole designer, each publication had its own challenges with image creation, use of space, and use of type. We have selected a broad spectrum of pages to show how we faced each document's diversity.

Once in a while reports that we created have to be kept confidential. Desipite the 60-plus hours that we spent for this international, off-shore client, we are unable to show you one pixel.

Click on the thumbnails to see each page.

Finding a colorful and captivating way to create a report that's usually brimming with statistics was not an easy task. For this one, we found an engaging graphic that we left intact for the cover and took apart, as needed, for the interior pages.

Making a government document attractive can pose many challenges. Making it readable reduces its chances of being dismissed as "yet another ho-hum bureaucratic exercise."

The Walkerton Inquiry report took months to produce. The final product contains more than two volumes, 1200 pages, and an even larger web presence. We were responsible for designing part of the look, and formating much of the final text, and creating the almost 500 charts and figures for both the print and online reports.